Why I’ve been Punk’d! #Steampunk #amwriting

Why do I love Steampunk? Let me count the ways…

So I’m still in the process of draft three (see vlog below) and it’s been really beating me down. It’s such a long, tiring process that I start to question my choice of being a writer, if I can do this or not and why the heck did I choose Steampunk anyway when there a hundreds of writers who have done this before me and can probably do it way better.

But then I open my e-mail.

I’ve been talking to some Steampunk artists about cover art for Zeppelin Odyssey – not that it’s  anywhere near ready for artwork yet, but just to shop around so I know how much I have to save my monies. And luckily, two wonderful artists replied back to me.

Tom Kidd

One of them, Tom Kidd, who I KNEW I couldn’t afford his masterpieces but was drooling too much of his art work not to ask – replied a very sweet, encouraging e-mail. And I was right, his prices were way out of my league but he left me wishing I would win the lottery just so I can have his cover art. Very supportive and super sweet.

Christopher Paul

And then there was another e-mail waiting for me from Christopher Paul, whose artwork is just as delicious. I had posted a post calling for SWAG artists for Zeppelin Odyssey and although I haven’t gotten him a quote yet, the fact that he was interested in my work was just very encouraging. It made me realize, sure other people had done this Steampunk thing before me, but I can do it too.

After reading both kind e-mails….it hit me why I suffer through draft three and  the agonizing process of publishing my book. It hit me why I love Steampunk.

It isn’t the amazing movies like Castle in the Sky; Wild, Wild West; The Golden Compass and Sherlock Holmes. It’s not for awesome TV shows like Firefly and Warehouse 13. It’s not for amazing music like Abney Park.

Steampunk for me isn’t about the Victorian  lifestyle, the corsets or top-hats, brass, steam and clog wheels. It isn’t about airship pirates, Victorian vampires, adorable Reapers, explorers or soldiers.

For me…Steampunk is about the community. It’s about the people behind the creativity. And with the hub of the costumes and publishing, I think it’s easy to forget that. To me it’s about the #Steampunk community on Twitter, SWAG and The Steampunk Empire.

I’m so grateful to Kevin Steil and Ren Cummins and others for getting me into Steampunk.

So even if you’re not a fan of Sci-fi. Even if you can care less about Victorian era, brass and steam – look into Steampunk. Because it’s not just about the Steam.

It’s about the authors, artists and musicians who fuel the steam. And I’m blessed they let me inside their wonderful community with such open arms. ❤ ❤ ❤

❤ Claire

3 thoughts on “Why I’ve been Punk’d! #Steampunk #amwriting

  1. The community is awesome, isn’t it? I’m so glad to have found a local group (I go the whole hog and dress up) that shares my love of this genre, even if I’m the only writer amongst them.


  2. Hi Misa,

    It is! I haven’t found anything locally yet (wish Chicago had more events!) But I plan on going to some conferences this fall like the Steamcon III in Seattle. I’m actually very excited to be able to dress up!

    Yeah you bring up a good point. There’s more to the community than writers too. It’s so diverse…I just love it ❤



    p.s. I'm going to add your site to my blog roll 🙂


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