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Welcome, folks! It’s that time of week again. Yes, hard to believe Thursday is here and to help welcome Thursday I have special rock star reader with me Brandy Hunt! Please make yourself comfortable and help me welcome her on Life, Muse and Coffee!

About the Reader: Brandy Hunt is a stay at home mom who likes to read and write
about the end of the world as we know it.  She also blogs about her
writing and writing in general at http://brandyhuntebooks.wordpress.com.  She has published one novel, Promise Kept, and more is on the way.  Available at amazon.com,
barnesandnoble.com, and smashwords.com, direct links can be found at
her blog.

1.      How often would you say you read, per week? Per month?

I set a reading challenge for myself at the being of the year of one
novel a week.  After checking with goodreads.com, I know I’ve already
read 51 novels this year, so I am averaging just under 2 novels a
week.  Sometimes it is more and sometimes it is less, but six or seven
books a month feels about right.

2.      Have you always been reading or did you just get into it?

I’ve always been a reader, but with getting my nook last year and so
many free books available, I will say I read more now than I ever

3.      What is it that you love most about books? Why do you read?

When I read, I have a tendency to ignore the world around me, unless
it is my daughter.  It frustrates my husband sometimes that he can’t
get my attention when I read, but she can.  I read mostly to
experience things I can’t get at home — adventure, gun battles, space
ships, zombie mayhem.

4.      Do you stick to one kind of genre, like paranormal, murder or fantasy? Or do you like to mix it up?

I do like to mix it up.  I like classical literature, in fact for most
of this year I was on a bit of a classics kick, then I went on an
indie binge, which was interesting.  Independent authors are less
likely to follow the usual “rules” about genre.  Right now I’m on a
sort of mayhem binge where everything has a gun fight or a sword
fight, or both.

5.      What is your ultimate favorite genre?

That would have to be anything involving the end of the world as we
know it.  I love zombies, disasters, economic slides, epidemics, etc.
Anything that takes a group of characters and puts them into a
survival situation.  There is something about watching a group of
people struggle to be better than they really are that makes me feel
better about the human race.

6.      Is there any genre you refuse to read? Why so?

This is probably going to get me into trouble, but it is the
shapeshifter romances.  I have nothing against romance literature, in
fact I have been known to both write and read it, but there is
something about the shapeshifter thing that just kind of squicks me,
especially if the shapeshifter keeps it a secret until after they have
sex.  I just really feel like that is a consent issue.  Your partner
needs to know that kind of thing before they have sex with you, even
if it isn’t contagious.

I also have problems someitmes with epic anything.  Large sections of
worldbuilding information can derail a novel for me.

7.      Anything you hate about reading?

Nothing comes to mind.  I suppose the only thing I hate is reading a
translation.  Translating literature from one language to another
while keeping all of the nuance and cultural ambiance is just about
impossible.  So, yeah, reading a translated text can get on my nerves.

8.      Do you skim? If so, what kind of scenes do you find yourself skimming?

I try very hard not to skim.  Sometimes, if it is a large world
building section, I can’t help myself, I want to get to the action.  I
usually have to reread those sorts of sections a couple of times to
make sure I understand them.

9.      What was the last book you recommended to a friend? Why did you love it so much?

I have to say the last book I recommended was A Chemical Fire by Brian
Martinez.  A fascinating book, especially for the post apocalyptic
genre.  I’ve actually read it a couple of times, and I’m still not
sure if I fully understand it.  However, in my case, that is a good
thing.  I love to find orignal and unique ways of telling a story,
especially one that surprises me as much as this novel did.  Not only
did I review it on goodreads.com, but I also posted a more in depth,
with spoilers, review on my blog.

10.  Do you ever tell your friends if a book sucked?

I do a lot of reviews through goodreads.com, and I don’t hesitate to
tell people why I didn’t like a book.  I have learned a lot from the
reviews of my own book, especially the bad ones.  I wouldn’t take that
oppourtunity from another writer.

11.  If you think a book tanks, do you read it in hopes it gets better or do you stop reading it?

I try to finish read it.  Usually, it does get better, and I do finish
it.  I have stopped reading ebooks because I didn’t have any interest
in them.  I plan to go back and try to reread them before the end of
the year.  Before I had my nook, I would never have done that.  I just
would not have been able to keep up with the book before it got back
to the book exchange or library donation.

12.  Whose your favorite author, and what would you ask them if you could meet them?

My favorite author is Stephen King.  If I could unglue my mouth long
enough, I would probably ask him what was his favorite part of the
writing process.  Then I would listen to him talk.  That would be
enough for me :D.

13.  What is your number one pet-peeve that writers do that you wish they didn’t?

Hmm, in trying to answer this, as a writer, I’m guilty of several of
my pet peeves.  I suppose the one that comes to mind that I’m not
guilty of is occasionally a story is too short or doesn’t have enough
back story.  I want to know more, but there isn’t anymore.  That is
rather frustrating.  That happens more with shorter fiction than a
novels usually but not always.

14.  What is your favorite thing that an author can do to enhance a story or character?

The right name does wonders for helping me keep characters straight.
It can be really hard to find the right name for a character, but when
it happens, as a reader, it makes the story easier to follow.

15.  When you read, are you watching TV or doing something else too, or are you 100% focused on the book?

If I am reading a book, it is very unlikely the television will hold
my interest.  Sometimes I knit and read my nook at the same time, but
i have to be seated somewhere with a book stand or a table where I can
prop my book up.  One of the things I like to do is download a bunch
of samples, then read though them while watching something on netflix.
Because our DSL is kind of slow, it usually has to stop and buffer 2
or 3 times an episode.  A sample is usually the right size for that
sort of thing.

16.  Does your mind wander on other things while reading, or does it wonder to the story you’re reading?

If I am worried or anxious, I read for escape, so I generally shut out
the outside world when reading.  If it bothers me enough to infringe
on my reading, then I usually just go and take care of it so I can
have some peace.

17.  Wheredo you prefer to read, library, home, coffee house or outside? And do you readvia an e-book or old school hard copy?

I prefer to read at home and in the car.  I like to read outside when
the weather is nice, but I need to replace some of my outdoor chairs
since they kind of got melty this summer.  Since I got my nook, I’m a
convert as far as ebooks go.  I still have some hard copies of novels,
but all of my new purchases are for ebooks.

18.  Do you write also? Have you considered writing?

I have a novel called Promise Kept.  It is set in a post apocalyptical
version of Macon, GA.  A sequel is currently in the works as well as
some shorter projects.

19.  Do you drink coffee or tea while reading? If so what’s your favorite kind?

I prefer Earl Grey tea, but I also like some herbal blends, like
Davids Tea Pink Flamingo, and other black teas like Harney and Sons
Florence.  It really does depend on my mood.

Thanks so much, Brandy! Wonderful insight from an avid reader! I’m jealous that you can read so quickly, wish I could read a book a week – that’s a great goal! 🙂

Next week I have TWO guests appearing on Ask the Reader and hopefully a Celebrity Saturday this week too as I’m trying to get back into that. So keep checking back for more exciting interviews!

Thanks my Tweethearts, keep writing and stay awesome!

❤ Claire

3 thoughts on “#askthereader with Rock Star Reader Brandy Hunt! #amreading #amwriting

  1. @Bailey: Me too! Glad I thought of it 🙂 Glad you started it! I love how even though they the same questions I get such different answers. Really helps as a writer 🙂 I agree, Brandy did a splendid job!

    @Heather: I think of True Blood when I think of Shapeshifters hehe. I love discovering new genres though, glad you learned something! #twuggles

    As always, if anyone wants to be interviewed for either Ask the Reader or promote your written work on Celebrity Saturday, ask and you shall receive!


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