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I have with me J E Fritz who was kind enough to be on my SPECIAL EDITION of Ask the Reader to be on Tuesday. Told you in the video I’d have two guests this week 🙂 Why is this week so special?  ‘Cuz it is, that’s why ^_^

J E Fritz is an old Tweepheart of mine. Her Twitter Bio claims her to be: “Writer, commenter, nefarious plotter. Or perhaps not. I can write anything I want here.” and she has a blog I recommend you follow here: Still Writing. She enjoys writing award-winning YA paranormal, urban fantasy and a couple adult mysteries mixed in as well.

When not writing or Tweeting, she likes to read. Which brings us to Ask the Reader where us authors find out what readers love and hate books, so we can hopefully avoid what they hate and deliver what they love in our writing – which gives readers better quality books! #winning

Without further ado, here is the most awesome JE!

1.      How often would you say you read, per week? Per month?
It varies. Some weeks I might read three or four. Others only one. Per
month, I think eight or ten, although that can vary wildly too. Since
I also enjoy webcomics, I might go on a binge of reading those, which
means I read less print books.

2.      Have you always been reading or did you just get into it?

Always. I can’t remember being taught how to read—I just always
remember doing it.

3.      What is it that you love most about books? Why do you read?

I like to imagine (probably why I’m a writer, too). I love books that
put me in new places, make me new people, let me experience things I
couldn’t possibly imagine on my own.

4.      Do you stick to one kind of genre, like paranormal, murder or
fantasy? Or do you like to mix it up?

I’m definitely in the mix-it-up camp. I rarely stick with one genre
for more than a couple of reads. I just see something that I like and
grab it.

5.      What is your ultimate favorite genre?

Hmmm…this is a tough one. I’m certainly a huge fan of dystopians, but
does it beat out my love for horror? It’s a close match, but I think
I’d have to go with dystopian. There’s something about the bleak that
appeals to me.

6.      Is there any genre you refuse to read? Why so?

I’m not a big fan of romance or erotica. I don’t know why. I’m just
not a hearts and flowers type of girl.

7.      Anything you hate about reading?

Occasionally, I run out of books. That kind of puts a damper on things.

8.      Do you skim? If so, what kind of scenes do you find yourself skimming?

If I don’t enjoy the author’s writing style, I may skim huge blocks of text.

9.      What was the last book you recommended to a friend? Why did
you love it so much?

The last one was ROOM by Emma Donoghue, which I posted a review of
(something I rarely do). It really impressed me and I wanted to share
that enjoyment. As to why I love it…it was interesting, made me look
at something I never thought of before. When something opens my mind
and makes me go “Huh?” I love it.

10.  Do you ever tell your friends if a book sucked?

Oh, yeah. But I try not to be a jerk about it. I’m not the ultimate
literary authority or anything. I emphasize that I think it sucked,
that I don’t recommend it but who knows, maybe they’ll like it.

11.  If you think a book tanks, do you read it in hopes it gets better
or do you stop reading it?

Kind of a tricky question. Rarely is there a book without some
redeeming quality (miniscule though it may be), and often I read to
the end because I want to take in the whole. But there’s no noble
motive behind that. It just feels wrong to profess dislike without
having read it all.

12.  Whose your favorite author, and what would you ask them if you
could meet them?

I’d have to go with Stephen King because growing up, he was the author
who always captured my imagination. If I could meet him? “What’s your
favorite short story?”

13.  What is your number one pet-peeve that writers do that you wish
they didn’t?

They give too-perfect characters. I especially dislike sixteen year
old girls that are somehow irresistible to being loved (not lusted
after) by all the boys.

14.  What is your favorite thing that an author can do to enhance a
story or character?

I don’t think there’s one particular thing. As long as a
world/character is well imagined and fleshed out, you have a good

15.  When you read, are you watching TV or doing something else too,
or are you 100% focused on the book?

Yep, the TV is on. I know if a book is really good when I forget about the TV.

16.  Does your mind wander on other things while reading, or does it
wonder to the story you’re reading?

I’m focused on the story. I usually picture what’s going on inside my head.

17.  Where do you prefer to read, library, home, coffee house or
outside? And do you read via an e-book or old school hard copy?

Home, almost always. I prefer hard copy, but there is a lot of
e-literature that I enjoy, too.

18.  Do you write also? Have you considered writing?

Oh, yeah.

19.  Do you drink coffee or tea while reading? If so what’s your favorite kind?

Not always, but I have at least one glass of iced tea every day.
Unsweetened with lemon : ).

Thanks again J.E. for stopping by on Life, Muse and Coffee!

Hope you guys enjoyed this interview as much as I have! And stay tuned for THURSDAY for another Ask the Reader with a super secret guest star! oooo, intrigue!

Keep writing, keep reading, stay awesome!


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