The Series Has Landed #amwriting #amplotting

Right, so an enormous gold star will be rewarded to those who know what the title of this blog post is from 🙂

Anywho, moving on, I have a vlog about my Office Depot Loot (or Lootery as Bas would call it) to get me started on character building and world building for the Time Traveling Diaries of Sebastian Barkley series. Long title, yes, but good stuff is inside said title.

I was re-reading the second book I “wrote” this past winter after finishing the first book. OMG it was so laughable how bad it was! It kind of was a good thing to read, because now I feel much better about my writing for the Zeppelin Odyssey (out October!) and the Duke’s Trumpet.

But, point of this blog is to post my vlog in which I share how I outline and plot for a major series. I decided to do it by character, because like most of my books, they are character-driven. And especially since a new character will be submerged in book two that I didn’t expect for him to join them. But my editor was right, and the story is better with him joining them 🙂

So here’s the vlog, hope you enjoy! And sorry about the bad picture quality. I’m testing out video capturing software. Do you guys have any software you recommend for videos? Cheap / free is better.

Coffee Talk: How do you guys prepare for new stories / outlines / character building? Do you prefer character/story boards or do you prefer outlining? How do you get inspired? I wanna hear what you guys are working on and how you prepare for new stories 🙂

Keep writing, keep reading, stay awesome,


2 thoughts on “The Series Has Landed #amwriting #amplotting

  1. Futurama, season one, episode two. BAM!

    I’m no good with the video software. And my preparation for stories consists of “Hmm, I have a new idea, I’m going to sit down and write it now.” So I think I’ll leave this one for the experienced plotters 🙂


  2. YEEEAAAAAAH! You are correct, miss! It is indeed the most epicness we call futrama 🙂

    And that’s okay! I’ve had a couple stories that I just started writing. I did that with the Zeppelin Odyssey, actually. I said sod it, I’m going to write 🙂 And then I couldn’t stop hehe.

    So both ways work. That’s one of the reasons I love writing so much, there’s no right or wrong way to do it! 🙂 Only wrong way is not writing at all.

    Glad to see you back on LMC, JE!

    ❤ Claire


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