My first Book Review and giving away some ARCS! #amwriting

Hiya all! Hope you’re having a good day. I haven’t even had coffee yet, but going to the bank soon to deposit editor’s money for the Duke’s Trumpet, so I decided to wait until I return from the bank to savor my wondrous coffee. My mom is “investing” in me, where as she’ll loan me the money for the editor, and if/when I get published, I’ll pay her back double.

So I’m rather excited.

But today I have a vlog regarding new subscribers which makes me happy, my very first ever book review video which I’ll be reviewing Phoenix Rising: A Ministry of Peculiar Events novel.

Also in the video, some exciting news, I’m giving away some ARCS!

Now there’s lots of arcs in life. Character arcs. The St. Louis Arch….but the best ARC is Advanced Reader Copy! And really, who doesn’t love free anything? Taking an extra napkin at a Fast Food joint because it’s free? Those after-dinner coffee mints you know are crawling with germs with being exposed in the open for too long — but you take one, just because they’re free. Well free books are even better. It’s a PDF so the germs are on a minimal side, and much more useful than a napkin. Unless, you know, your meal is BBQ Ribs — then I’d rather have that napkin over a book.

So skip / wait until the end to find out how YOU can get your own free copy of the Zeppelin Odyssey. I’ll give you a hint: it’s pretty easy. And totally free. Did I mention the free part? Good.

Now onto the video! Sorry for the rambliness, I need to work better at being more direct in video!

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