Vacation over, projects pushed back and some news #amwriting

Well I had a blast on vacation! Some of you may have known, I spent a few days in Virginia. Gorgeous state, although being the former crewbie I am (theater stagehands are famous for being pervy!) I still giggle at the name Virginia.

But yeah, with all these rejections from job hunting, it was great to see some close family friends. One of them is like an aunt to me and she was a great pick me up. The other is just a super fun family. Wouldn’t mind relocating to Virginia if I get the opportunity Can’t beat a gorgeous state with great company!

Regarding writing, I got news back from editors!

Steampunk News:

Susan, my editor for Zeppelin’s Odyssey pretty much said I’d be crazy to publish in October as originally planned…but in a very, very nice way. After seeing a sea of red: I decided it’s better to wait a month or two (December, more accurately if not longer) to make sure it’s as “perfect” as could be. And although I typically don’t believe that perfection exists (which, maybe is my problem in life) I think it’s better in this case to take the time and pain to edit further to get as near as possible as I can.

I love Susan though because her notes are very thoughtful. They aim to improve my craft, not just my novel. Still, I thought I’d be celebrating my book launch this weekend (October 1st was my goal) so it was a bit disappointing. I know it will be worth it though. And my cover artist was happy to hear the deadline change because he wanted to tweak it some more. I’m happy to hear that he is having so much fun with this project!

I’m just sad cuz I can’t afford someone to look over it again. So I don’t know if I should wait until I save up my unemployment funds and maybe release it in Spring so I can have it looked over again, or push for December. Again, I just need to see how it goes. And stop worrying so much. I think too much about all of this. Which….is a good cue for the YA news.

Young Adult news:

John, my NYC editor for the Duke’s Trumpet also said that it wasn’t ready. I KNEW this but I thought it was just my writing. Turns out there’s some plotholes I need to work out and here’s basically what he said:

-Stronger MC, he said Mimi is too passive (which, she’s a bookworm, but he said for young readers this won’t cut it)
– A greater scheme for my Bas character (I thought owning a Time House was pretty cool, but I guess young readers this generation need more than simply being able to travel through time and stealing cool stuff as he feels like)
– A greater link between plots (higher stakes, I thought adding a character trying to kill them was enough, but I guess young readers need more than that)

So yeah, very informative, very helpful. And me, a warn out writer armed with a Sonic Screwdriver Pen took notes viciously as I listened.

Needless to say my mind is tired and I feel dragged. I know I can do this, but I see why many people give up. It’s not fun hearing projects you worked half a year and a year on are still not good enough. On the other hand, it’s rewarding that my writing didn’t scare them away and that both editors are willing to work on my project instead of deeming them a waste of their time. So that alone is a compliment.

So that’s what’s going on with me. I don’t think I’ll be blogging much. I’ve got to figure out this Young Adult scheme and conquer the red marks on my Steampunk novel. Maybe I’ll keep up with interviews, I just don’t know much at this point. A feeling I’m getting used to lol.

Hope you guys are doing well! Let me know what you are working on 🙂 And if you’d like to be interviewed as a reader or an author let me know!! ❤ Both Ask the Reader and Celebrity Saturday is a great way to promote your stuff. And I hear it’s fun! So stop on by, my blog is your blog and all that. And…virtual coffee!

Take care my awesome friends.

Your tired writer,


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