My 2011 #Writing Goals – what are yours? #amwriting #progress

Wow, I didn’t realize how long it’s been since I last posted lol.

I’ve been pretty busy plotting, and playing the Sims 3 and looking for jobs (had many interviews since then, lots of leads but no deals yet) and among other things to be blogging.

But this week I’ve reached a very important decision. I will not try to publish in the year of 2011 and most likely of 2012. 

I’m not ready yet. For either books. And as easy as it is to rush into things, I’ve decided to wait based on a few factors:

1. Trying to publish 2 books, in 2 different genres, is probably not the smartest idea (for me at least).

2. Going to focus on the YA book for now. Bas has stolen the muse and I need to work on the plot. I’ve totally re-gutted the first book, the Duke’s Trumpet, so now it’s time to re-write that.

3. So Zeppelin Odyssey is on hold until…I don’t know when. I won’t even look at it again until I’m done with Duke’s Trumpet. But I’d like to also save money to have my editor look over it again before publishing it as well, so money is a factor into the pushed deadline. Also, I’d like to be able to buy the ISBN so I can self-publish them in bookstores etc. as well as online. With a gorgeous cover like my cover artist gave me, I want hard copies available too. And with a gorgeous cover as I have, I want to make sure the inside of the book as as good of a job as I can perform with it. Including typos, stronger voice, etc.

4. Job hunting is taking a significant amount of time. Not a fun time to be unemployed, let me tell you. But I’m hopeful. Like Bas says, if you don’t have hope, you have nothing.

5. YA is REALLY taking over lol. I’m very inspired for this book, and it’s getting very exciting. I’m glad my editor keeps pushing the plot, even if it does cause me many a headaches.I’ve also decided I’d like to try to get at least the first few drafts of the second book of the Time Traveling Diaries of Sebastien Barkley (the Gem of Sara Rogers) so that in case an agency would be interested in my work, I’d have some material to give them.

6. The occasional social life. I haven’t been a very good friend or daughter lately…need to work on this.

7. And yeah, sleep is nice too 🙂

8. Travel would be nice too, trying to save up for both my editors and travel. If I don’t get any of these leads, I plan on taking on a part time job at Starbucks or some place to earn enough dough for a plane ticket to Europe. Would like to travel aboard and  then write about it.

So because of all this I’ve decided to give publishing an on-hold deadline. No idea what my plans are anymore. Also, I don’t mean to make my editors to be the bad guy. I’d be totally lost without any of them 🙂 Good editors push writers, and I have fantastic editors!

But hey, as I often say in my books – plans have a way of going astray. It’s true for characters. It’s true for real-life too. Especially true to real-life.

But I feel much better. No longer defeated by editorial remarks (could have handled the feedback more professionally, so sorry for the meltdown lol) and I’ve taken a break and I’ve plotted my plot – sort of. Still got some plot holes, but I need to just buckle down, turn off Twitter and Sims 3 and just write. Because unlike Sims 3, novel characters don’t write themselves.

Hope you guys are having fun writing and reading! What are your goals for the rest of 2011? I want to hear about  them!

Keep writing,


P.S. anyone doing NANO? A few of my BNFF’s were talking about NANO and I’m curious to see who is doing it and what they plan on writing about 🙂

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