Calling All NANO writers! #amwriting #nanowrimo

What is NANOWRIMO? No matter how you say it (wirmo or wemo seem to be both acceptable pronunciations), NANOWRIMO is National Writers Month which takes place in November. While it’s probably the most cliche thing to make a blog post about it the day before it starts, I’m actually really excited about it this year 🙂

I usually hate NANO. My muse has never liked the idea of having a tight deadline. But then again, my muse used to hate writing on a laptop too. This year I feel better. Last spring I partook in a lot of #1k1hr where writers on Twitter try to write a thousand words in an hour with each other as a sort of race. This helped me be a faster writer. Because sometimes, in writing, quantity does matter over quality.  Also, after surviving the editor process of editing for the hopes of publishing, five times, I realized that it’s really okay that the first or tenth draft of your book sucks. That it’s okay that you have to go through a mass re-write because it only makes your book ten times better.

So with this knowledge of the editing process, I don’t feel as bad about just writing shit to write. It used to drive me nuts. But now I feel pretty good about writing just to write. Especially this year. I’m very excited for my book.

It’s a sub-series of the Time Traveling Diaries of Sebastian Barkley, told from Bas’s point of view. A few of you had already met Bas before, and know how much I love him. This is great because he’ll finally get out of my head, and give readers insights to the second book with back story without bogging the second book down. So those readers who are interested in Bas’s experience in time travel can read it, and those who aren’t can just focus on Mimi’s adventures. Rather a good idea if I do say so myself 🙂 And Bas is happy because he finally gets to be the main character. He’s got a fat ego to put it nicely. And when characters are happy, writer’s tend to be happy too. Or at least, I’m always happiest when my charries are happy.

There was a bit of an oops though. I was  thinking today was November, and I was so excited about my book, I did a #1k1hr today to start my novel. So I’m 1,161 words ahead of schedule. So for me, this year, I need to write 51k to make up for it 🙂  Call it cheating, fine, but I suppose I was too excited to get started, and I was thinking it started on Halloween.

No harm in a warm-up, right? It more like stretching before a race. I won’t count what I wrote today, so you can relax Mr. Sweeney, who thinks I cheated just so I can beat him 🙂 [yeah, you and Bas would SO get along lol just kidding <3]

Anyway, Life, Muse and Coffee will be celebrating NANO too. Throughout this month I will have songs to help you write, writing tips and welcome supporters of NANO to give you a chance to partake in a writing war, where you compete with a group of people to see who can write the most.

So are you doing NANO this year? Have you done so in the past? I’ve never beaten NANO before, so I’m hoping 2011 is the first year I win 🙂

Happy Halloween and happy NANOWRIMO starting TOMORROW apparently lol oops. That’s the problem with being unemployed, time merges into one day hehe.

Happy writing!

❤ Claire

3 thoughts on “Calling All NANO writers! #amwriting #nanowrimo

  1. NANO is hard, but its good to try! I’ve never won either, but I’m hoping the third time is the charm. 🙂 And if you don’t tell about the 1k, I won’t! Good luck!


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