Happy April, everyone!


Have know idea how it’s April already.

It’s crazy.

I still feel like 2012 just started. And this nice weather Chicago has been experiencing all winter long hasn’t helped the year zoom by. Granted, not complaining. I love it! I just feel like it’s only been a couple of days since 2012 started.

And I know it’s April 2nd, but it’s a general policy of mine to stay away from the Internet on April Fools day. 🙂

Been really busy this year. That’s probably what’s made it gone by so fast. Still busy. Got a couple of interviews coming up so I’m hoping one of them lands me a job, yay! Otherwise will have to work retail again ‘cuz unemployment is running out. Nothing wrong with retail. I actually don’t mind retail one bit. But, it’d be nice to have an 8-5 job so I can have my weekends off to use for my story 🙂 And oh yeah, a social life would be nice too!

Story, however, has been going really well.

Still revising. I realized before I was rushing my story too much and worried too much about getting it published. It showed in my writing so now I’m not even thinking about editing or publishing or how much longer I have or don’t have to finish it. Because really, there is no deadline for me. I have to remember that because sometimes I push myself too much, and then my story seems rushed and rubbish. So yeah, trying that virtue called patience. It’s hard! lol.

But this year when my grandma passed away in the Winter, I don’t know what happened. I don’t know if it was my stressful temp job at Sara Lee (very nice people however). Or if it was cleaning out my grandmother’s things. Or if it was writing about time travel. I just realized that I wanted to be a writer. I mean, I always knew I was a writer. But I realized this year I wanted nothing more than to be a full-time writer. Not just get published once in a while. Not just to write for myself or as a hobby like I had been. But I realized this year, I’m only ever really happy when I can have time to write. So that’s why I’ve been so focused and kind of offline for a while. Like I said, not sure what it was that woke me up. I just realized it was what I REALLY wanted to do. For me, being a full-time writer would be better than winning the $640M lottery that every one was in a frenzy over last week. Including our family lol.

This month I hope to at least get it somewhat ready for editing. But we’ll see how that goes. That’s what I said about March 🙂

What are your writing goals for April? What are your reading goals for April? Any fun plans in general?

Much love,


2 thoughts on “Happy April, everyone!

  1. I identify strongly with a lot of this post Claire. I too have tried to rush through the process in the haste to make my dream come true. I have pledged to devote myself to becoming a professional writer… but I need to hold myself back so that I allow enough time to a) enjoy the process and b) do my best work. It’s tempted to skimp on getting critiques, for example… to just dip a few submissions in the query waters and see what happens. I must resist!

    This month I am reacquainting myself with my WIP after a long break. I am also authoring a few articles which I will be submitting to newspapers… which is the first time in ages I have attempted this. Fingers crossed!


    • Hi Charlotte,

      I agree!! I was forgetting about the most important person: the reader lol.

      Glad to hear you are back in writing! Keep us updated please 🙂 you can do it!! I find I have to work on something a little bit each day or I find it’s too easy for me to get in a funk.

      Thanks for sharing ❤



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