The End … again. #amwriting #progress

Well … I believe, that is to say, I *might* be done with my YA book, Time and Heart book 1: the Duke’s Trumpet. I finished it Monday and sent it to my editor Tuesday (hoping he has time in May to look over it). And frankly … I hate being done. ‘cuz I miss it.

I’ve been working on revising it since October 2011, so it feels very strange not to have something to tweak, edit, write, and re-write. But I’m really, really proud with this draft. And if Mr. Editor okay’s it, then we’ll start line-editing I think. Or if he has more questions, one more draft. But it feels close to me.

So I’m going to be on Twitter more. And blog more too. And I think I’ll work on my Vampire story until Mr. Editor gives feedback. Kind of afraid of working on any other Time and Heart book until he gives feedback. Made the mistake of that last time I finished Duke’s Trumpet. Not upset I have to wait though. I’m just freaking out if he’s going to like it or not. Because, basically, it’s 100% a brand new story with new voice, new characters, new twists … new everything! It’s exciting, but mostly terrifying.

I miss it terribly. Duke’s Trumpet was fun. And hopefully lots of people will be able to read it relatively soon 🙂

In real life, it’s been crazy too. The parents are selling their house. So I’ve been helping a lot cleaning, garage sale, packing, and helping clean during the showings.

I’ve also had a lot of interviews. Have another one in town, which I hope I get cuz that means I won’t have to move with my parents if I do. But I hear South Carolina is nice so I don’t really mind moving if I have to. I just like my friends and everything here, so it’d be nice to stay!

So that’s what’s been going on. Just thought I’d keep everyone in the loop. And May will be blogging month I think. And I’m back on Twitter, more than just updates and shout outs. So yeah, look for me 🙂

Hope every one else is doing well! Let’s make May the best month yet!!!

❤ Claire

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