What’s a vacation?

So I feel much more relieved today.

Mr. Editor replied back today and said he can start working on Duke’s Trumpet in June ‘cuz he’s booked all month!! I’m actually not upset about the wait. Sure, I’m eager to get the process started. But I’m happy he wants to take the time to review all the changes of the story I made. And he even sounds excited about it! So I couldn’t be happier.

Regarding jobs, I have two very strong leads. One might start next week if I get it. I’m still going to look for jobs in case I don’t get either,  but I feel like I can finally breathe again.

Still miss working on Duke’s Trumpet, still feel lost without my familiar characters. But I’m really anxious about starting the sequel / companion series until Editor looks over it. Just in case there is a big change that will ruin what I start on the sequel.

I’m going to work on trying to relax. I’m going to work on my reading. Because however much I enjoy writing, I actually hate reading lol. I know, it’s horrible, but it’s true. I love the stories I just hate the act of reading. My eyes get tired very quickly and I’m a slow reader so it takes me 2-3 weeks just to finish one book lol. So yeah, not as fun for me as writing.

So that’s that. It’s been another crazy week. Tonight though I’m excited because it’s Avengers time!!! Hot smoking actors on the big screen, yum. I’m excited. And I just LOVE midnight screenings. There’s just this explosive energy from fans you won’t find anywhere else. Honestly, it’s so inspiring the kind of energy that’s collected from midnight showings. So I’m stoked.

Hope everyone else is doing well!!!

❤ Claire

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