Because we need them to be … Superheroes #amwriting

So last night I saw the midnight showing of the Avengers. It was a really fun movie. I wouldn’t call it great, but I wouldn’t call it bad either. It was just a fun time. Granted, it was one of those movie theaters where you can eat/drink so I couldn’t hear a lot of the film. I might see it again later in a regular theater. Because it’s a worthy flick to get excited about.

There was one line that struck me in particular at the end. The heroes have gone their separate way again and Cobbie Smulders asks Samuel L. Jackson if they’ll be back. He replies:

“They’ll be back … because we need them to be.”

What struck me about that line, was, I believe he was talking about the audience.

I think with how popular the Avengers already is, and with the new Spiderman and Batman movies coming out this year, one thing is clear: we still need our Superheros.

Because it’s more than just the sexy costumes, the larger-than-life villains and the super powers themselves, to me, that’s not what makes a Superhero super. To me, it’s what they’re willing to sacrifice, the cause they believe in that’s greater than themselves, and the lengths they’re willing to go through to save the day.

What is inspiring about those notions is you don’t need Gamma rays or a magical hammer to achieve greatness. I think why the audience needs the men in capes to return, is because we need a reminder of what makes a character turn from hero to superhero.

And I think as a writer, I can take away a lot from them. Especially the cause that makes them want to fight (motivation) and the lengths they’re willing to go through to save the day.

So this weekend, think about your favorite superhero, and perhaps see how you can incorporate some of that super-ness in your own writing.

One thing is for sure though. America’s love affair of superheros and men in tights is far from over. Love or hate them, superheroes are here to stay.

But yeah, I’d give the Avengers 4 stars, and totally recommend it!! If nothing else, there’s enough pretty faces on the screen to keep anyone entertained!

Have a super weekend,


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