Zombies? Zombies! #amwriting


I don’t know what made me think of zombies, perhaps it was that zombie inspired Castle episode a couple weeks ago. Perhaps it was my vampires vs. zombies story I’m working on. But a question came to my kind while thinking of the undead phenomenon that still has the world captivated by the brain eating undead.


Yes that was my ultimate question … why?

I mean,  logically speaking nothing about zombies should appeal to us. They hobble around cities and countryside alike and eat our brains. So why are hundreds of books and movies featuring zombies produced all the time?

Is it we are secretly morbid and fascinated with death? Would we rather be a mindless zombie than six feet under?  Is it simply that what scares us also fascinates us?


I think it will be an interesting topic to study and survey our love affair of the undead and why it captivates us over the centuries.

All I know is we crave zombie lore the way zombies crave brains.

On that note … why do YOU love zombies? What is your fav zombie book or flick?  Do you remember the first zombie story that you fell in love with, was it as a kid or when you were older? I’d love to hear your thoughts about zombies!!

Keep your brains safe!


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