This month, the role of Adult was played by C.E. Smith #progress

So as some of you may know, June was HUGE for me.

1. My parents sold their house (my childhood home).

2. I got a new fabulous job as a sales admin for a coffee roasting manufacturing company (so I’ll actually have some coffee things to talk about here on LMC!).

3.  Moved out of my parents house to my very own apartment in a new town on the 12th.

4. Helped parents pack for fathers day.

5. Wrote and completed a short story called Do Not Open for Zoe Harrington’s #WriChi.

6. Editor talk today regarding Time and Heart, the Duke’s Trumpet. Super excited/nervous!!!

7. Didn’t make anything explode, get kicked out of my apartment or fired from work!

So yeah, a lot of huge life-changing things all at once. I’ve been a mess to be honest, trying to take control of the whole stress thing. I got to learn not to freak out over the details, focus on what I’m doing, and not let other people’s stress (like my bosses) become my own.

I’m getting a little better at it, and I know next month will be easier to relax. Or try to relax at least. Or be able to pretend I’m relaxed hehe.

So anyone got any good anti-stress tips? Music, breathing and reminding myself it’s going to be okay have helped a little bit too. And a beer helps too hehe. But I don’t want to drink too much, so need non-abusive stress relief. I think it’ll be easier once I get writing again, because writing has always been my go-to-de-stresser. Now that the moving thing is out of the way, I’ll be able to catch up on my other projects, or improve Duke’s Trumpet if editor doesn’t think this draft is the winner. Yieks, I’m so nervous for this talk!

Yeah, I spaze too much 🙂

Hope you cool kids are chilling out despite the hot hot summer!

And happy 4th of July to my fellow Americans!

❤ Claire

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