Proud to be an American Nerd #amwriting #oneshot

Greetings my fellow Americans! And American lovers of the world, since this year 4th of July oddly falls on a Wednesday, I decided to celebrate my right to write with a silly poem. So enjoy!


Oh I know my country is not perfect.  Some may even say it’s sick and needs a Doctor.
With the election this year, many people don’t know who to vote to lead the free world, to be our watcher.
Just the same, I love my country, this is true.
No flag I’d rather see than the Red, White and Blue!

We may not have a boy wizard to save the world from darkness.
Or 900 year old Time Lords to rescue the Universe.
There certainly isn’t an alien-fighting crew led by sexy Captain Jack Harkness.
USA might not have clever detectives solving cases, or suave super-spies saving the day.
But America has plenty of to cheer for, plenty of good-guys to get evil out of the way.
Don’t believe me? Call me a liar?
I’m but an honest Nerd, read on to be inspired!

Some like their vampires who sparkle, to save their one true love.
Others prefer vampires who live in the South looking for a bite from Bill’s fang.
In Portland, there’s cops as Grimm’s to keep the town safe and write stories to speak of.
And in New York City, there’s writers shadowing cops, and roommates looking for the next Big Bang.

We have great books too, lots of characters and author’s to kindle our pride.
We have girls hunting in Panam trying to stay alive.
And there’s controversial Shades of Gray for housewives to fantasize their sex drive.
Multi-million selling copies of troll princesses give Indie-authors hope.
So you see America, there’s plenty to fill your Nook with, there’s no reason to mope!

Feeling the heat? Take a trip to the movie theater to cool off. There you’ll find our legacy.
From days of the old, like Star Wars, Wizard of Oz, Back to the Future and the Goonies.
You’ll find plenty to cheer for at the movies.
Modern times has it’s perks too.
Like 3D vision, it might really shock you.

What might really set the United States of Nerds apart, is our super-heroes.
They’re more than super, they’re really great. With their underwear over their pants, tights and capes, they keep us safe.
If you’re feeling dark and gloomy, you might want to check out the Bat.
And Spiderman is your friendly neighbor.
Iron Man can really fly, so can Super Man.
And being the 4th of July, let’s not forget about Captain America!

Feeling goofy, feeling funny? Dear me, let’s not forget about our animated friends!
We have Mickey, Donald, and Minnie too; they know how to cheer you up and they really set the trends.
If rodents aren’t you thing, give magical ponies a try. Rainbow Dash says Equestria  has perfect weather.
There’s silly sponges who live under the sea. And harmonious Avatar’s bringing all the benders together.
Take your pick of animated tales of our favorite super heroes, they can fly high like birds of a feather.
Fancy a trip to Springfield? The Simpsons are sure to make you smile.
Or take a trip in suburbia,  Peter Griffin can let you stay for a while.

You say your country is better, you still think this is true?
Well maybe your country is great, I won’t argue with you.
But I’m proud of my country, from our fictional tales to our society.
It might not be perfect, this I won’t argue. I’m not a fan of the high taxes, no, no.
But with the freedom to be a Nerd, to say what’s on your mind and just be you.
This is why my heart is in love with the Red, White and Blue!

Happy birthday America.
Land of the brave and and home of the Nerds.
So sing and shout. Don’t hide your inner Geek.
Be true to who you are, nerdy is the new chic!
But please, my friends, don’t forget to write.
For however great our characters are,
The ones written by you shine the brightest by far.

❤ Claire

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