Get Out of Your [Characters] Head #amwriting

I learned last week, that  how you feel about yourself really DOES reflect onto your characters. For example…

This past couple month’s, I’ve been rather paranoid with worry about my new job because I love it so much and really want to stay (but on probation until September). I’m overly thinking everything, I’m second-guessing myself and I’m probably asking more questions than I should. My co-worker and fellow sales admin told me to calm down and get out of my head.

I was talking to my best friend and she was selling how great exercise  is, which I fully agree, I’m not just not at a good spot to join a gym now until after probation is over. She said even if I just run outside, I should do half hour a day. I said I don’t like to run, and she asked why not. I told her I always feel like everyone is watching me and I feel too judged. She said I need to get out of my own head, and not to worry because people have bigger problems to worry about than me looking silly, and that there are probably sillier people than me to laugh at.

Strangely enough, my own editor said the same advice. Except for my character. He said I need to get the book out of Mimi’s head and onto the action, because all the inner thinking, except for the romantic scenes, isn’t exciting enough for readers.

I was honestly shocked that was so transparent to the reader. I’ve always been a bit self-conscience, semi-paranoid and overly worry about what people think of me. I just didn’t realize that my character reflected that too. Sure it’s YA, but all that self-doubt bogs down the action and flow for the story.

I always thought I was really good at keeping my characters separate from myself so I’m not just writing how I wish my life would be. But I guess in the end, my characters are more me than I thought 🙂

Don’t think it’s a bad thing persay, just an interesting observation I need to work on. And work on getting my confidence up. Who knew confidence was so crucial to writing? Or … was I just missing the obvious? Lol.

Do you guys feel after reading your own work, you can tell what kind of mood you were in when you wrote it? Do you think the author’s feelings really show through a book?  If so, what book have you read fits a prime example? Would make an interesting discussion, I think, so please leave your thoughts in the comments!!

So I guess the real lesson here, is not only relaxing good for you — but good for your characters!! ^____^

❤ Claire

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