My short story Do Not Open #oneshot #amwriting #WriChi

Hey all!

So my first published piece was on a friend’s blog, Zoe Harrington! Part of #WriChi where we authors were chalenged with short prompts to write an entire story under 5,000 words in a month! Considering it was in June and I was moving and starting a new job, it was a little crazy for me.

But I did it!

So please read it:

And thanks again Zoe! You’re welcome on Life, Muse Coffee anytime! If you guy’s aren’t already, please follow Zoe Harrington on Twitter @ZoeHarrington_ She’s a great friend, an avid reader and a teen writer.

I meant to write this blurb yesterday for promoting, but rewriting my story got in the way 🙂

Hope you all are enjoying you’re week! Don’t forget to write or read today! ❤


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