Even after a bad day at work, be sure to write at home! #amwriting

I know there are a lot of fellow writers who have a day job as well. I feel for you. It isn’t easy.

This week has been challenging for me at work. I keep making simple mistakes, training hasn’t sunk in yet and I feel like I should, and I don’t know if I’m going to work out. Which is very stressful, and yesterday I was in tears because I feel like I just can’t do anything 100% right, there’s always one detail I miss at work.

I was tempted to just crawl in bed and call it an early night.

But after a quick cry, I wanted to at least type out what I wrote at lunch. And I’m super glad I did.

It’s so easy to shut down after work if you had a bad day/week.

But hang in there, because being productive at least for me I find makes me feel better. Makes me realize how much I can do if I don’t give up. And it makes me excited about my story even more. I won’t always be an assistant, and hopefully this time next year or two, I’ll be a full time author 🙂 Which I know is still a lot of work, but at least it’ll be work I’m good at and is my one true love.

I’m going to keep trying though, even if it’s tempting looking for an easier job to apply for. I still really like it at work, but it’s very hard keeping up with all the brilliant people there.

Anyway, just thought I”d share, because I’m sure I”m not the only one who finds it challenging keeping up with writing when working hard. But trust me, it’s worth it!

I’m shocked how well this rewrite is going, usually I’m not so fast. Setting a deadline for yourself, really helps! I’m already on chapter six and just started the last weekend of June 🙂

So hope you guys keep writing!

How do you cope with writing after a bad day at work?  Share in the comments!


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