The Age of Instant is Upon Us #CoffeeTalk #instantcoffee #via

140 character updates.

Tablet computers.

Instant access to to the internet with Wi-Fi.

Instantly play movies from Netflix.

Coffee dripped instantly via k-cups or Via or other methods that taste as great as the real stuff. None of these are really ground-breaking new as they’ve been in our culture a couple of years or so now, but it still amazes me how rapid it’s growing.

It’s no secret, us modern homo-sapiens don’t like to wait for anything. And coffee is brewing up a New Age of Instant. Not sure how many of you have tried Starbucks Via but it is good. No I’m not plugging via, I’m just excited about all this technology for coffee.

My “new” job is working for a coffee roasting manufacturer and it’s a whole lot of fun. Learned that (which is public now) Starbucks is opening a new plant in Georgia focusing mostly on Via.

What is exciting about that is that means that the Age of Instant is just going to get bigger, faster and stronger.  The new challenge will be keeping up with the instant world. Both in business and in entertainment. Quicker movies, is that going to be next? I feel like that’s already happened, longer movies aren’t as popular it seems. Neither are longer books.

And, how fast is too fast?

But for now, before things spin out of control, I’m going to enjoy watching the Age of Instant boom. Because when other companies realize how successful Starbucks Via is, they’re going to want to improve their instant coffee too. And if we don’t have to wait for our coffee, other industries will have to keep up with this new age of no-waiting.

What trends are you noticing that have embraced the no-waiting policy? Do they annoy you or do you love it? Have you tried the Via yet? What’s your favorite flavor?

I want to hear your thoughts 🙂


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