Romance Ain’t Dead

It may have been having a lame prom. It may have been that all my ‘kisses’ in life weren’t really proper kisses. It may have been that I hadn’t had a proper boyfriend yet, just a few dates that didn’t even lead anywhere. But I was starting to think romance was dead. And then on Friday I went to a friends wedding. It was the son of my mom’s best friend. I hadn’t seen the guy in like 10 years but he moved earlier this year with his then Fiance nearby and we got along great. So we were invited to their wedding. And such a cute couple. Apparently they met on a trip. The son was going on a vacation, and his friend who was supposed to go with him canceled. He went anyway and met his now wife on a scubba dive.

One couple I met at the wedding also met in a romantic way. Sort of in a New Girl way. They found each other on CraigsList looking for a roomate. And then they became friends, and then more than friend. The ironic part of this story was I met ANOTHER couple who met the exact same way. I guess the point of this post, is, don’t give up hope on love. Don’t settle either. Just keep your options open. I was feeling brave at the wedding and was even semi-flirty. With Brent.

He was semi-tall, blue eyes, blond semi-spiky hair, average built. We first caught our eyes at church during the ceremony (it was a surprisingly small wedding), you know, the sinful stealing glances. Then at the reception, at this cool plantation style mansion, we kept stealing glances again. I was sitting with my mom and her friend (mother of the groom) and every time he circled back into the room, he’d do the eye contact thing. Of course, every time I tried to get up to find him, he wasn’t there. And luck have it, I got to sit next to him at dinner. Sadly he’s from New York, but it sounds like he likes to travel. So I’m kinda tempted to ask him on a trip, although I know that’d be totally forward.

Anyway, we even managed to dance together. Not romantic like Pride and Prejudice or anything. Just a really awkward dance because neither of us were really good dancers. Still, that was about as close to a romantic night as I’d get. Think I’ll ask the Bride/Groom for his contact, who knows. Though, I really don’t want a long distance thing. Eh, I analyze things too much 🙂 I’m sure it was just a fun night. Still, it’s got me thinking about finding a boyfriend maybe. I wish it was easier to find people…. This blog post however isn’t really about me. It’s about romance. And contrary to popular belief, romance ain’t dead.

Do you guys know any true real-life romantic stories? The muse is on romance now thanks to the wedding 🙂


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