Light at the End of the Tunnel #progress

So yesturday I heard back from my editor after submitting my finished third rewrite to him on Friday, which I way wasn’t expecting to finish. It was just one of those things where once I started writing I couldn’t stop.

He says he’ll review it this weekend, but it seems very likely that it is probably ready for final edits!!! And after that, it’s agent hunting time again. Properly. At least now I know it’s a product any agent could be proud of.

So 2012/2013 looks very promising to be my debuting year 🙂 Time and Heart Book One: The Duke’s Trumpet. HOPEFULLY this year. A little annoying he booked until September, but he said that’s prime time for debut authors anyway. He said summer months a lot of agents are on vacation and September is better for agents. So that made me happy.

Meantime I’m working on my sequel, my companion book for the series, and a contemporary teen story set around a girl and how Facebook changed her life and how she learns not to worry so much about what other people think of her and taking control of your own life.

So that’s it for news now. Will keep you updated as I learn more. But having your editor excited sounds like a very good step to me 🙂  And as it’ll be 3 years I’ve been working on Duke’s Trumpet this October, I’m ready to move on! As much as I love the story, it’s true. Plus, book two, pirates!! What’s not to love?

Hope you are are all doing well also! Keep me posted on your progress’s as well. And if you ever need plugs, let me know if you want to post on my blog for book plugging.



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