Now just a matter of when…

Well I touched basis with my editor this week, and was very pleased when he praised my latest draft. He couldn’t believe how much changes I made in just one draft, and said my writing has even grown stronger. And I know this guy doesn’t fish out compliments, ‘cuz two years ago when I first started working with him, he wasn’t nearly as kind. He wasn’t rude, he just spoke the truth that my project needed a lot of work.

And yes the editor is major expensive. Line editing is going to take a chunk of change. But I knew this and could tell from the first revision alone two years ago that he is worth it.

So point of all this is not to brag or to say get an editor, but rather, it looks like 2012 could finally be my publishing year and I can’t tell you what a relief it is.  Even if I don’t get an agent, I’m going to self-publish this baby.  Been working on it three years, as I first got the brainchild October 2009. So I’m very happy to hang this project up so I can get started on the next book!

Timeline is the final edits are going to start September 10th, so when he is finished I can start agent hunting. All very exciting.

Thanks everyone for your continued support. I mention Twitter a lot in the book, so you all know I was thinking of you when doing so 🙂

Hope everyone else is keeping up with their writing! If I can finish a book, anyone can!! The only secret to writing is to write. You do get better over time, it does become more natural and hell … it’s fun. So if you got a lot of ideas in your head, write them out!


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