The Easy Road : It Don’t Exist!

So technology is great, right?

We got smart phones that makes for dumb humans and an app for just about everything under the sun.

With so much firepower at our fingertips, it’s easier now more than ever to work smarter, not harder, right?

Well … sometimes.

Don’t get me wrong. I’m a gadget girl true and true. I love keeping up with the latest trends. Love to wish I could afford every tablet that comes out every couple of months, and wish I could afford more than one smartphone to compare this one to. Because of my love affair with technology however, I wasted the better part of a Sunday yesterday looking for an answer that wasn’t there.

Now some of you may know, I’m working on my YA novel Thumbs Up. It’s a contemporary story and really fun. However, I’m writing it handwritten style on steno notebooks first, because most of my writing is when I have breaks at work. Which isn’t as often now as when I first started, which is actually really great as I love to stay busy (hence lack of blog posts). ANYWAY. I’m like 2 notebooks behind. And I realized the reason I’m stuck on this upcoming scene  is because I’m so far behind on catching up. I think subconsciously I don’t want to write anything new, until I finish transcribing the old.

And me, being the not so smart human I am, thought: hey, maybe there’s an app for this!

I tried Evernote. The useful tool where you can take pictures of your notes and store them. Well, it was great being able to take a picture of my notebook, but I couldn’t highlight the words to paste to word. Then I spent most of the day looking for free/cheap Optical Character Recognition software and apps that’ll let me do just that. I tried a bunch, even tried free trials of paid versions, and not-so-shockingly … no result.

So instead of spending the day at least getting a couple of chapters typed up, I tried to outsmart myself and let technology do the work for me.

Sometimes, just sometimes, it is better to work harder.

Hope you guys had a better productive weekend than me! I also had anti-climatic adventures in laundry and enjoyed being lazy on Saturday after a semi-stressful week last week. But the only nice thing about Monday is it’s a clean slate. And I’m ready for a brand new week!



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