It’s Official!

So two Monday’s ago I finished cleaning my final edits that were back from the editor. I called him up that Saturday, expecting to start preparing for agent hunting. However, he somewhat surprised me when he suggested I try self-pubbing first. He said with how the industry has changed, and how hard it is for debut authors to break in, he said it might be the better avenue.

So I thought about it. Thought about it. And thought some more. And realized he was right.

I kind of have had self-pubbing in the back of my mind anyway because I wanted my other WIP’s to be self-pubbed. I was going to wait until next year though after I figured Time and Heart book 1 would be published. And then I thought … why wait?

With how comfortable I am in social media, it made sense to take the plunge. So I said, okay, I’ll self pub The Duke’s Trumpet.

So glad I did! I can’t wait for my cover to return, my artist is amazing. And I get to work among friends. Jeff B. of The Writing Bomb is doing my formatting, and my very good friend Jess Shannan is doing my website 🙂 Follow them at @tweetthebook and @jetlbomb, they rock!

So anyway, DECEMBER 1ST is when the Duke’s Trumpet will be available to purchase for 99 cents.

I’ll keep you updated, especially when the cover comes out. Can’t wait!

Anyway, hope your projects are going well. If I can finish writing a book, proof anyone can write 🙂



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