Spooky #amwriting Prompts for #Halloween! BOO!

So it’s Halloween. It’s also nearing NANO. So to get you in the writing mood, here’s some prompts to get the muse going, with Halloween themes!

Choose one or more prompts and write 500 – 2000 words. No points taken if you go over!

Witness Prompts:

1) You’re driving late at night on the highway, you’re lost. And wouldn’t you know it, your cell phone battery shuts down, leaving you without your only map. Luckily, you see someone on the side of the road. You pull up to the woman for directions, when she stares at you. She says ‘help me’ and then vanishes. What do you do?

2) You’re walking with friends after a party. You see a flash of brilliant blue light across the sky. You joke it’s lightning but no sign of rain, your friends think you had too much to drink. But then the light is back. You see it’s a disc. You claim UFO, especially when there’s a beam of light hovering over you and your friends. It takes one of your friends, and you are the only one who remembers that person and what happened. What do you do?

3) It’s a full moon. You hear a holler of a wolf, which is weird for such a large city as the one you live in. A man runs up to you, asking if you have any silver. All you have is a silver necklace that your significant other gave you. The man said it was a matter of life and death. Do you give him the necklace? And if so, do you follow him afterwards, or do you go home and reflect what a weirdo he was?

4) You’re walking home from staying late at night. You hear a growl. It sounds like an animal, but it sounds like a human. You look closer. It’s a zombie! How did this happen? Do you kill it, or do you run away? Are there others coming? Or is it imagined?

5) You’re at a party. You meet a handsome stranger. He / she chats you up. You decide to leave with him / her. But when you get in their car, you notice he / she has no reflection! Could they be a vampire? YES. Do you still go with them, do you find vampires hot? Or do you fight them to get away?

Hope those Halloween prompts get you in the mood to write!

Have a safe and happy Halloween, everyone!

❤ Claire

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