Don’t let a bad day ruin a great night!

If you’ve got a full time day job and then do your writing at home like me, it can be tough. It might take you a couple of hours to shake off the stress of the day and get in the “mood” to write. I understand. I struggle with this every day. The hardest part is when you finally get in the mood you only have an hour or two for the actual writing before bed, because you know if you don’t go to bed earlier than your muse wants to, you’re going to hurt in the morning. And then when the morning comes, you hurt anyway.

But today, after a  dreadful Monday, I said: no more. I’m a writer. I have an imagination. So you know what I did? I used it.

I pretended it was still the weekend. I had that glass of wine. I had a great dinner. I did what I wanted as if it was a Saturday. I caught up on Once Upon a Time,  jammed to music, wrote a little and now I’m blogging a post. Next I’ll watch an episode of Bones as I’m only on season Six and then go to bed full and happy and knowing I did a little writing as well. After all, why let a bad day ruin a great night?

So stop stressing. Stop trying to find the perfect mood. DON’T save your writing for just the weekends. Don’t be afraid to take the weekends off  to recharge, spend some quality family and friend time or have some well deserved “me” time.

So go ahead. Get in the mood. Because if you’re a writer, you can pretend like every day is a Friday or Saturday night. Just remember how you’ll feel in the morning and party accordingly. Soon you’ll find a balance between responsibility and creativity, or join me in the madness of trying. I haven’t found the perfect balance yet, but I decided the heck with the waiting. Get the writing while it’s good!

And to my crazy friends doing NANO this year, best of luck to you. Just don’t forget to keep writing after November is done 🙂


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