Fun With Words #amwriting #nanowrimo supporter

In honor of #NANO I think a majority of posts this month will be about WORDS to help my NANO participants get fired up. I’m not doing it this year, as this year I’m focusing on my novels, but I congrat everyone whose trying.

Not only are words the weapons, bullets and swords of us writers; they can be FUN. This can be easy to forget, especially during the editing process. Sometimes when you work on something so long, or so quick like in NANO, it’s easy to hate words instead of love them.

I’ve been meaning to post this video for a while, because it’s such a fun re-make of the Disney song from Dumbo. As a kid, I don’t think I appreciated this tune. But being a writer, I find the play-on-words to be very amusing 🙂

So as you’re writing, don’t forget to think of the words you write, not just how many a day you write. And most importantly: don’t forget to have FUN with words. Because writing is supposed to be fun. The minute the writer stops having fun, is when the reader stops having fun reading it.

What’s YOUR favorite word? What play-on-word do you love the most? Share in the comments!

Enjoy your weekend,


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