Make every character spin-off-able #amwriting

Hello fellow wordsmiths!

It’s Monday morning, and everyone knows how much Monday’s suck, but don’t let a case of the Monday’s ruin your muse!

I was very inspired, because last week I discovered a show called The Finder.

Now as I’m just catching up with Season 6 of Bones, I had no idea of this show. I fell in love. Reminded me greatly of Sahara and found the characters even more interesting than the characters of Bones. Plus, it had some people from my other favorite show, Eureka. So I was pretty much in heaven. Although with Clarke’s passing, and Fox canceling it, the show is a one season only, which makes me sad because it was so funny.

Anywho, this post is not about the show The Finder (although you should check it out if you like Bones and the movie Sahara), it is about what the show taught me. Because it taught me a valuable lesson.

Make every character spin-off-able. Make us want to know so much about each character, that they could star in their own novel. Make us hate you for not focusing on more than one character, because they are each so unique and awesome.

Is it a challenge? You bet ya. But I for one vow to take that challenge.

How about you?

Anywho, hope you don’t let the nasty Monday ruin your muse! Keep writing! And don’t forget about your side-characters, you never know, maybe you too can have your own spin-off 🙂

Blessings to your Muse,


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