What’s the deal with #TimeTravel?

Hey gang! New blog facelift, woo!

In other news, I’ve been thinking a lot this week about starting a community for time travel fans and especially time travel authors. Time travel is more than Jules Vern and Doctor Who…and I feel like with all the fans out there, there isn’t really a solid place for all the fandoms to coincide and talk about time.

SO I’m kind of thinking of creating the Alliance of Time Travelers, which will be an online community for time travel authors and fans to talk about their theories and resources on temporal physics (both factual and fictional theories), talk about their favorite fandoms and collaborate ideas about time travel in general.

Is  this a good idea, or is there a reason why time travelers are not united? I don’t know, just a thought 🙂

This picture is relevant because the other day I was driving home and saw this car being driven as an advertisement  Not only did it make me feel like Bas handed me a Time Shifter http://amzn.to/118aNfm, but it made me wonder about who else is a fan of the idea of time travel.

Share your awesome thoughts!

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