#CaseFile #Steampunk…get in your readers head #amwriting

Like this goat, this post was just because I felt like it. I’m making a new category called Case Files. Here, Case Files are shows, movies, books and category’s that work.

In 2011, I spent most of it when not job-hunting researching why I like the entertainment I do, why other people like the fandoms that are popular. I wanted to not just like something, but understand why I like it. Not as easy as it sounds. But it helped to break up the show etc. Not sure if that makes sense lol but here we go! Today class, we’re starting with Steampunk….because I can 🙂


When you think of Steampunk you might think of goggles and gears and all things brass. While these are important elements in the genre, it’s also about a state of mind. And that state of mind is why I think Steampunk works.


I think the biggest reason of WHY I like Steampunk is there is no right or wrong answer of what Steampunk is. Sure you might get some pretentious answers that it’s only in Victoria Era, London (think Sherlock Holmes) but to me it can be anywhere. As long as you mix future with the past, in my mind, you have Steampunk. That leaves a lot of possibilities for new worlds, colorful characters and interesting plots.


Another reason I love Steampunk so much is the artistic style behind it. Crafty people have made some very cool Steampunk in every day elements. Like a tricked out Steampunk computer, iPhone case, camera, etc. Just about anything can be aged, and this concept leaves the possibilities wide open.


Lately Steampunk has been getting some media attention. There was an ABC’s Castle featured a story about Steampunk and Nathan pulls it off! I also saw some pants at H&M that had brass along the side. Of course I had to get them!!!

So what are some reasons why you love Steampunk? What are your favorite stories set in a Steampunk world? Have you created anything Steampunk? Share in the comments ^^

So that’s the first #CaseFile. I plan on making more. I think for writers it’s important to know your audience. And the best way to know your audience is understand why they like something. And the first step to that is understanding why you like something.  Because people are not so different. What you like and why you like, I guarantee someone else likes for the same reason. Hope this helps!

❤ Claire

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