#bookreviews Number Seventy Five by Ashley Fontainne

Today I have the pleasure of my first blog-published book review with a quick-paced thriller Number 75 by Ashley Fontainne!

The Trailer:

The Book:

75 cover

Check it out here:  Amazon

The Review:

Brace yourself for a wild ride in this kill-or-be-killed tale. Find out how to stay alive when you’re number 75 with this fantastically-paced, well-written thriller that will take your breath away and have you looking over your shoulder with caution after reading this believable yet suspenseful tale of online dating gone horribly wrong!

Mandy is strong character to root for in this fantastic short story by Ashley Fontainne! Would recommend to all fans of thrillers.

It took me no time at all to read this true page-turner, so treat yourself to a fantastic thriller!

Thanks for checking out my review! See for yourself why Number 75 is the thriller for you 🙂



4 thoughts on “#bookreviews Number Seventy Five by Ashley Fontainne

  1. Great review! I am very intrigued with this one. Great reviews make these books so much more to look forward to. Jonelle Patrick’s Fallen Angel is my current read, if you like thrillers then I would check her site, jonellepatrick.com I believe. She had a few and they are all good!


  2. Thanks everyone!!!

    Ashley it was a privilege, really gripping story 🙂

    Yay Jerri Kindig! I agree about reviews, I always read them before buying! Glad this one was helped. Are you enjoying Fallen Angel?


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