New city, new life, new stories…


So three weeks ago I found out my position at the coffee manufacturer place I was looking at was eliminated. So I decided to move with my parents to Greenville, SC. So now I’m once again an unemployed writer. Not fun, I assure you.

However, I’m very excited for meeting new people and finding the job opportunities to be a little more than in Chicago, so I’m hopeful.

I hope to do more exploring of the downtown. And I hope to move to the downtown area because it’s just so cute. Not as big as what I’m used to in Chicago, of course, and I’ll miss the hot dogs of Chicago…but Greenville has a lot to offer too.

SO not used to nature. Getting bitten a lot so that is not fun. But it might do me good to prepare for being on Survivor, which is still a dream of mine 🙂

Anywho, a new chapter of life. Let’s begin, shall we?

How is everyone else doing? What projects are you working on? Are you ready for fall?



About the photo: Photo I had taken at the Farmers Market on Main Street, Greenville.  It was a great time 🙂

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