#writingtip Ditch the taskbar for Windows Writers. #amwriting

Greetings everyone! I have been a busy writer lately. Not only have I been busy as an active job-hunter, but I have finished re-writing my Time and Heart series into a more action-packed and now will be a series of stand-alone instead of a series-series. But this is more about the writing itself, because I have discovered a handy trick while writing.

Now, this might be an old hat to some Windows users, but I found this simple trick easy on the eyes which made it more of a clean-slate interface so I don’t become so easily distracted.

If you are like me, anything out of sight is out of mind. And if it’s in sight, it’s very distracting.

I used to love the little taskbar on the bottom (or wherever you tuck it away) of the window screen. It used to make me feel so productive seeing how many applications I had in the background. I loved how I could pause Spotify by hovering over the window, or click on the Chrome icon when I had to search for a better word or scan on Wikipedia.

With Toolbar:


But the problem with having it so easily accessible was I found it very distracting. If I was staring at the Chrome button, I was more prone to click on it instead of focusing on writing. Even the big ol’ clock was distracting. So I decided to ditch it.

How to remove the toolbar:

Right click on the taskbar and hit properties. Make sure auto-hide task bar is clicked and hit okay. When you hover over where the task bar used to be, it’ll be there when you need it, and out of your way when you don’t (i.e. when you’re writing!)


Now I have a wider based window to work with, and it surprised me how faster I have been working. I know it is probably a silly thing, it shouldn’t make such a difference – but I think it has to do deal with I feel more organized. Not seeing “clutter” on my screen helps relax the muse, focus less on Facebook and Spotify and JUST WRITE.

And here is result:


Simple, clean, and productive. That’s what I found makes me a happy writer. Aside from lots of coffee, of course!

Hope you cool cats have been busy writing away too! What tools are your favorite for writing? Comment below to share your writing space needs 🙂



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