Introducing, The Last Drop Project #ldp #project

Greetings everyone!

Hope everyone’s Friday is chillax-worthy. It might be a bit odd to introduce a new project at the end of the week (is it, is it really?), but the idea hit me last night. And it’s the kind of idea that got me all bubbly and excited and unsleep-ness. Because you know, great ideas only happen at night, when you ought to be getting ready for sleepy time.

Regardless, here is the idea. I know it might not be too terrific, but I’m excited about it, and that’s what counts. After all, it’s my blog. I can party if I want to. Or, drink coffee if I want to. I decided it’s time to put the “coffee” in “Life, Muse and Coffee”.

So here it is: The Last Drop Project.

Wherein I will post a picture of the bottom of my coffee cup after the last drop of my last cup of coffee every day. Or just about every day. But it won’t be about the coffee or the mug. It’ll be how I’m feeling that day while I consumed coffee, what I was working on, and what I kind of coffee I was enjoying, and if I recommend that coffee or not.

The goal of this semi-artistic project is to create an interesting scene outside the focus of the coffee mug. Because by trying to make an interesting background for each picture, hopefully will make my life a little bit more interesting, one cup of coffee at a time. It’ll also be a neato way for me to keep track of my writing progress and speed via keeping track of the cup of coffee.

So here we go, the first #LDP #Project:


As you can see, more than just coffee. I chose the card for the backdrop to remind myself to mail a friend’s b-day card, and the stapler….just because 🙂

Coffee: Obsidian by Caribou (K-Cup)
Working on: Social Media and Job Hunting things
Feeling: Tired, wasn’t able to sleep because of coyotes last night and excited for new project ideas.

So that’s it. I welcome everyone to join me in making their own documentary of the coffee/tea they drink each day that helps them get through. It’s a different kind of art documentary!



EDIT: This will be posted on Tumblr to save space on my blog, so follow me there!

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