Life Muse Coffee gets it’s first #award!

Hello and welcome to another week in February!

It’s been an exciting month full of Steampunk wonderment with the Hands Around the World Project.

And because of my involvement with said project, I was able to connect with a lovely fellow blogger and writer Bia Helvetti. You should swing by her colorful blog here if you are also a fan of Steampunk:

I was among good company for the “award ceremony” which can be found here:

And the award I won is the Versatile Award! She thought my blog had a lot of nifty stuff in a lot of variety so she honored me! Thank you Ms. Bia!


Be sure to follow her on Twitter: @BiaHelvetti

and Facebook:

Thank you again, Ms. Bia! Welcome to the community of LMC!

Have you guys been participating in the Steampunk event this month? I’ve been busy away at it myself 🙂 Share in the comments if you have!



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