#steampunkhands #SWAG Book Review: Railroads! #bookreview

Hello Everyone!

As promised, here is my contribution to #SteampunkHands month long world wide Steampunk event!

This event has been a lot of fun though, I hope Airship Ambassador makes this into an annual tradition! Thanks for letting me be apart of it!

The book I reviewed is Railroad! By Tonia Brown and it was overall very good. I give it 4 out of 5 stars!


This book is by SWAG author Tonyia Brown. I really, really liked this book! Dodger is a great main character and he ventures into this strange wild western Steampunk World. Dodger has a heart of gold with a deep history that makes you want to read more. The campiness of the book was a lot of fun and had an interesting cast of characters plus a twist I didn’t see coming. It had a lot of room for improvement in regard to editing. Not so much typos as much as repeating points, bogging down action and some scenes were dragging. But that aside, I really enjoyed this book.

Fans of Back to the Future Two, Firefly and the Wild Wild West show need to check out this novel!

What really impressed me the most was that it was part of a web series. So, like, the audience kind of wrote it type of book. It was based on a roleplaying type community and Tonyia put it together in a book format. I think that concept is really cool!

Here is a full video review but I would totally recommend this to anyone who likes action, gadgets, and adventure western novels, and it’s a must read for fans of Steampunk! Below is my full book-tube review:


Check out SWAG: http://steampunkwriters.ning.com/
Check out the Steampunk Hands Around the World:http://bit.ly/1cWDEXw
Check out the book on Amazon: http://amzn.to/1cWDwYa
More about the author Tonyia Brown and the web series: http://bit.ly/1cWI7JW

4 thoughts on “#steampunkhands #SWAG Book Review: Railroads! #bookreview

    • Hello Bia, sorry for the late reply! It was a great read, I will probably finish the series one day but so many books to catch up with first. I agree about campy, it is fun if you know what you are getting into! Stuff that TRIES to be campy and is campy is amazing. Stuff that didn’t mean to be campy is a fail lol – funny how thin that line is right? Thanks for sharing your thoughts!


  1. Hey Claire!
    I just came across your review for Railroad wanted to thank you for the kind words. I’m pleased you loved more than five things about it. I also wanted to clear up a few misconceptions of the books. The series is a web serial, but it was never an RPG first. It was just published in the old Victorian serial format on honor of bygone days. The story is on its fourth year, and will start posting from the tenth volume next week. We update the site every Monday.
    Second, Ched isn’t southern. His terrible speech impediment comes from being dead. The lisp is due to his jaw stiffness because he is a walking, taking corpse.
    I understand and appreciate your reticence about the info dumps. I can assure you over the years the series has improved in that regards. In fact I would be glad to send you the files for the second and third collection of you are still interested in reading them.
    Thanks again for your wonderful review. I will post it on my blog and other outlets asap.

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