Are #Smartwatches really that Smart?


It’s been an exciting month for Smartwatch fans, because #Google is getting into the game! And the best part about it…the design. They actually look sexy, kinda. Okay they are getting there ^^

YouTube has great coverage about the watch for specs and live demo:

But how important will the Smartwatch be if it is merely an extension of your phone? That’s not to say I’m not excited about this new “wearable tech”. Especially when Google is thinking about Fashion Sense too. But when will the invent a phone-less Smartwatch? I.E. a Smartwatch that can do everything with Google Now WITHOUT a phone nearby. What if some days you don’t want to carry your phone with you, and use a watch instead? When will a watch BE a phone? How cool will that be? I’m waiting for a Smartwatch like Leela’s from Futurama.


Yeah, I might be waiting a while. But I’m sure Google will catch on, we don’t want devices that are just extensions of our phones.

Or do we?

Wearable tech: what are your thoughts? Hot, or not worth it?

Have a happy Tuesday everyone!



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