It’s true: writer’s have the most fun! #amwriting

Hello friends!

Welcome to an evening post of Life, Muse Coffee! I was chatting with a friend on the necessary evil known as Facebook, after she had posted she was happy that her jury duty was canceled today. I replied:

 I think I’m the only person in America who WANTS to be on Jury Duty lol

She agreed that I truly was!


But then I explained that I always WANTED to go to Jury Duty because of free research for my lawyer characters — and she agreed that does sound like more fun.

While most people play Angry Birds, Candy Crush or check social media goodness on their phones when bored … writers have the luxury of plotting, absorbing new perspectives and imagining new worlds.

So next time you’re in Jury Duty, waiting for the nurse at the doctor’s office to call your name or cleaning the house, transform mundain chores into engaging character research!

Writers: when do you plot? Are you able to “turn it off”?
Readers: Have you ever thought of a story when your bored?

If so, share in the comments! If not, do you wish you had?



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