LMC Presents: Fun Fact Friday #2 #FFF

Okay you lovely people! I decided to write out FFF instead of vlogging it because my YouTube has been taken over by Vlog Every Day in April. And, it might be more fun writing it. So here we go. Stuff I learned this week. Ready or not, it’s #FFF!

Family visited this week, so the first two facts are thanks to family.

1. Deer shed and re-grow exact same antlers

Maybe this is old news to many, but I didn’t realize that deer shed their antlers like a snake. Or rather, I knew they did so – but didn’t realize they shed the exact same shape.


More info: http://bit.ly/1iDTy9l 

2. The East Fence Lizard in SC

So while my cousins were over, one of my cousins adopted a lizard that my dad said he found in the garage. I had no idea what type of lizards were around Greenville area, so we looked it up. Turns out it was an East Fence Lizard. My cousin named him Fred. Meet Fred:



More on the East Fence Lizard: http://bit.ly/1iDW5QQ

3. Tom Hiddleston can sing! 

On Wednesday I felt like a kid again ordering Tinker Bell and the Pirate Fairy. I’ve always been a huge fan of Peter Pan (not Once Upon a Time version) and love everything to do with Neverland. I rented this movie BEFORE I knew Loki, I mean Mr. Hiddleston starred in it and I was delighted when I searched IMBD to who played James Hook. I thought that smoldering voice sounded familiar.  And just as I was wondering why Disney drew him so attractive, my answer was revealed because it was Tom Hiddleston who voiced him. 

(1:23 for Loki singing!)

And on Thursday I rented Thor 2 because I haven’t seen it yet. And it confirmed my love for Loki 🙂

4.  There is NO Where’s Waldo movie

Found it hard to believe when I saw this YouTube parody that there hasn’t been one made yet. I’m not saying I necessarily want a movie like this – but it’s a cool concept.

What do you think, should there be a cool Where’s Waldo movie? I just might write one 🙂

5. The camel in the Geico Hump Day commercial had a name

And his name is Caleb. The more you know!

CBS Hump Day creator

So that’s it for this week, kids! I’m going to have to start writing interesting things down, because I have a habit of forgetting them. Which is what happened last week too lol.

Have a great weekend!

Share what you learned in the comments! And don’t say “nothing” because I firmly believe you learn something new every day ;P



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