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Me, Earl and the Dying Girl 

Well first off to be honest, if not recommended by Kate the Realist as part as Booktuber’s Book of the Month I wouldn’t have picked it up. But let me tell you something. I AM glad I picked it up. Very glad. While this book has tangents up the Nile, it was an overall Good Read (ha! See what I did there?). This book had a lot of annoying points too, though. It was very obvious the author had writing talent, but was trying to write a bad book. And it was almost like he was trying too hard to make it “bad”. So he’d go on tangent after tangent after tangent. Some of them were really funny, though and even made me laugh. Like they are filmmakers and they do an unscripted scene which was basically them making a YouTube video. And he wrote how easy it was to freeze up when making a YouTube video and saying only “um” like an idiot. And of course, as I make YouTube videos, I could totally relate.

Also the reason I only give it 3.5 stars instead of 4 was I really didn’t like Earl. I don’t think you were supposed to. I don’t mind a little bit of cursing. But Earl is like a “gangster” style character and I don’t have much respect for. Except the ending. Oh gosh Earl kicks butt at the end. He basically kicks the main character into gear, but you have to read the book yourself to find out how and why. So after spending the whole book hating Earl, suddenly, I love him. 

And then there was the dying girl. The friendship was Rachel was “forced” upon Greg by his mother, to cheer her up. At first Greg takes this literally and only visits Rachel to make her laugh. But then they get to know each other, and form a tight friendship. Their friendship was really endearing and totally genuine. It didn’t feel forced by the author at all. And when Rachel found out they made films, and convinced he and Earl to show the “awful” films to her, she understands why he doesn’t want to share with anyone, and he respects that. Rachel becomes their biggest fan, because she is their only fan.

If the beginning of the book didn’t drag on for so long I would have gladly given it 4 or 5 stars. Because the ending. The ENDING! I can’t even. It’s a great message about how sometimes bad things just happen in life. But it’s not the end of the world. And there are people out there who have it worse. So stop crying and get to work, because life isn’t as bad as it seems. 

So it’s not really a book about a girl who has “Luke Emia” as much as it is about forced friendships, old friendships, no friendships at all, being uncomfortable with one’s own image, and being so worried what others think of us that we cripple ourselves. 

And as a former closet writer, who didn’t tell people for ten years that I wrote, I totally felt like Jesse Andrews – the true author of the story – was speaking to me.

Okay, so maybe it does deserve four stars after all 🙂

If you like to laugh, if you liked random zany comedies. If you like books with heart. Then Me, Earl and the Dying Girl is for you! 


 What was the last book that made you laugh? Share in the comments 🙂



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