#CelebritySaturday with Guest Star A.D. Trosper! @adtrosper

Hello Audra! Thanks so much for joining us here on LMC! In March, you released the first book of your new series: Bound by Time! Today we’ll talk both series. Take it away, Audra!

AD 1

  1. Bound by Time doesn’t seem like your average Girl Next Door story. Tell us about Isobel and Damien, and a little about the series!

No it isn’t the typical girl next door.  Isabel has inherited magic within her that she’s terrified of because she believes it killed her mother. A mother she barely knew, but her mother none the less. Her magic is for a reason and that reason wants her dead.

Damien has moved into the house next to hers just before she comes back from college and he’s no ordinary guy next door either. Damien too has special powers and his purpose in life is to keep Isobel alive and help her come to terms with her magic and what needs to do with it.

Isobel has magic breaking free inside her, a dark angel determined to keep her live, centuries of memories she’s just starting to find, and a demon bent on killing her.
AD 2

  1. Was it challenging going from Dragons to Supernatural?

It was at first, although this story just kind of poured out of me. Due to all of the world building I do in epic fantasy, I did have to cut some of the excess information that didn’t need to be in the story.

  1. What was your favorite part about starting a different new series?

The rush of feeling a new story unfolding. Meeting new characters and new situations.

  1. How many books are planned for the Bound series?

I’m not sure how many books will be in the Bound series. I have two more already planned and I can see another after them though it isn’t planned yet.

AD 4

  1. Back in September, you released the second Dragon Call series and in February released ‘Tales From Galdrilene’ . I noticed on Amazon Tales is a companion book to book one. Is each Dragon Call series going to have a companion book?

No. A New Beginning  (the Tales book) is a short prequel to the series. It steps back to before the first book began. There will likely be other Tales books, but I don’t have any specifically planned yet.

  1. Is fantasy your favorite genre to write? What other genres have you written or plan on exploring?

I do love writing in the fantasy genre. I love creating new worlds from scratch. That said, I took immense enjoyment in writing the YA paranormal romance as well. In some aspects it’s nice not having to worry about how the world is because it’s already set.

As far as other genres; I have an urban fantasy in my head and I also have a ghost story that floating around in there. I’m still waiting for those stories to fully come to me and will write them when they make themselves clearer.
AD 3

  1. Which fantasy author was your greatest influence?

There are two.

The first is Mary Stanton who gave wings to my imagination when I was I kid and read her, Heavenly Horse from the Outer Most West (yes, quite a long title). It was because that book and its sequel that I first put pen to paper to actually try writing a story. One day maybe, I will get to meet her.

Robert Jordan.  I love his Wheel of Time series and wish I could smack him upside the head with one of his massive books for dying before I could meet him. It’s truly a shame that he passed away.

  1. What’s in your To Be Read list at the moment?

I’m currently reading, The Breakers Code and enjoying it. To be read? I have a whole stack of books waiting and the one I choose will depend on what I’m in the mood to read when I finish this book.

  1. Do you listen to music when you write? If so, which types of songs?

Absolutely, I can’t write without music. I listen to a wide variety of songs. Instrumental, hard rock, pop, foreign songs that I don’t understand the words but love the beat and the cadence of the words, etc. I can and often do sing along with a song while writing. Whatever I’m listening to, usually it’s because either the words or the tone of the song fits with the scene I’m working on.

10. And finally, do you drink coffee or tea while you write? If so, what is your favorite brew?

Both although I prefer coffee while writing. My favorite is Seattle’s Best with sugar and Italian creamer in it. Yum.


Thanks again for coming back to LMC, Audra!

If anyone has read her Dragon or Bound books please share in the comments! Or feel free to leave a question for Ms. Troper!

Happy Saturday,


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