#mondayblog Happy #SmallBusinessWeek…yes you, YOU are a brand!


So I was on Google, looking up something or other late last night when I couldn’t sleep. You know, it’s the time of year when you are torn between too hot and too cold all night, thus end up tossing and turning. A question entered my mind whilst trying to sleep, so I pulled up my phone to my good friend Google. When I saw a cool doodle that looks chemistry related. But instead, I find it’s related to Small Business Week.

I thought to myself, that sounds cool, what is that?

It may have not helped me fall asleep but I discovered what Small Business Week was all about…and it’s not a new thing.

Founded in 1963, it’s been around a while. http://www.sba.gov/nsbw/about

But being reminded about small business’ helped me reconnect with my belief that everyone is a business. You might not realize it, but you are. You consume and you produce, just like a business.

This notion came to me when my book formatters, Blue Harvest Creative (click the link on my sidebar for more about these awesome folks) talked about my “brand”. Now you might say, well yeah you’re an author. But I’m not a writer. I don’t have a brand.

No, but if you ever go on Social Media – you can treat yourself as if you were a brand. When I treated myself as a small company, I took things a little more seriously. Not so serious that they were no longer fun. I still enjoy meeting new people online and making great connections. But I also think about myself as a brand. And it has helped. Mostly it has helped me actually dedicating time for stuff that helps my brand. Like posting on Google Plus and Twitter. And it’s helped motivate me to blog more. I actually even have added it to my Google Calendar to make myself feel like a proper business!

Eventually around two in the morning I did get to sleep. But it also was inspiring knowing there was such a thing as Small Business Week. Yeah, in my book, that includes brands. And if you have a service to offer – than you my friend, are a brand. Cool, huh?

Can you guys relate to Small Business Week? Do you think yourself as a brand? Do you own a small business? Share in the comments below!

And this week, don’t forget to shop local to support small businesses in your area!



2 thoughts on “#mondayblog Happy #SmallBusinessWeek…yes you, YOU are a brand!

  1. All writers should consider themselves a brand. How you promote yourself, your writing style, the colours you use on profiles and so much more contributes to how you (your brand!) comes across to readers. With the rise in self-publishing, more and more writers are having to think about this so they can definitely relate to Small Business Week!

    Generally, writers are naturally good at portraying their brand without even knowing it but it’s the little things that can have a negative effect. For example, getting too personal, slagging off other writers/businesses or generally complaining can all negatively affect a brand. It’s this part that a lot of writers miss.

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