#Booktube Friday Review of Rulers of Deception by @dryadquartet



A Delicious Drama!

I have been a mega fan of the Vasser family (and their many enemies!) since When Empires Fall. I’m pleased to report, this book doesn’t disappoint! Leaves you wanting more, but feeling very satisfied at the end.

Thanks to author Katie Jennings for providing me an advance copy, I was delighted at the fast-paced tempo of this book. I read it quickly with how gripping the story was. Ms. Jenning’s elegant writing style never fades with this intense drama series, including the long-awaited third book.

Three of my favorite things of this book are: Wyatt, Wyatt, Wyatt! I was thrilled we got a glimpse of his past in the opening scene, and it wouldn’t be a Vasser Legacy novel if the past didn’t come back to haunt them.


Once again the three power siblings have to stick together to become stronger than ever before. And this time their family is growing! Adorably romantic Linc and Grant adjust to married life, and Lynette and Quinn find out what it means to be a Vasser.

What delighted me about this story too is it doesn’t waste time rehashing the previous novels in case we forgot. It dove right into Wyatt’s mysterious past and introduces fun new characters to challenge them, pushing their limits and even the ever-strong Madison is thrown for a loop.

I loved this book and am afraid to say anymore for fear of spoilers 🙂

This is a series I would recommend to any fan of drama. And Rulers of Deception is the most suspenseful yet! I hope there are more tales for the Vasser’s! So yes, this book totally deserves five stars, just like the Vasser Hotels.

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