#mondayblog New #Twitter Secret to Jazz Up Your Profile Page @MondayBlogs

Twitter's IPO Filing Implies $12.8 Billion Value Amid Growth

Greetings everyone! This Monday Blog will be a little on the short side as I will provide a tutorial video to explain this trick down below.

Last week I discovered a new Twitter trick to help jazz up your profile page. It’s pretty neat and totally easy.

Ever hate how a favorite Tweet you post or RT gets lost in the jumble? Well, there’s a new trick for that called Pin Your Tweet. However, there is a catch to enable this new trick.

twitter-birdThe catch is that you need the NEW Twitter layout to enable this feature.

And for some folks, they aren’t a fan of the new layout. I personally have been enjoying the wider cover header and the larger text-Tweets to help the reader read your Tweets faster. But I understand some people don’t wish to change their layout. So apologize if this trick doesn’t apply to you if you wish to not change your layout.

But for those who are curious about the new layout, or already have it applied, then this tutorial down below is perfect for you!

A snazzy Twitter trick to start your week!




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