What’s your BEST Barista story @Starbucks?

I understand not all Starbucks are equal. But I’m lucky enough to have a fantastic Starbucks store in Greer.

Here’s how it went down the other day:

Was REALLY hungry but wanted to stop at Starbucks because I was on my way to the Toyota dealer to inspect car because unlike Penny from Big Bang Theory I don’t procrastinating on checking out my car when the maintenance required light illuminates, and I knew there’d be a wait for car inspection and I wanted good coffee while I waited. Anyway, I swung by my favorite Starbucks and walked inside.

I was surprised how dead Starbucks was which made me happy because usually it’s super busy. Anyway, after checking out the bakery case I finally made my decision.

Mr. Barista: Hi, how’s it going?

Me: Good, good.

Mr. Barista: What can we get for you today?

Me: A Venti Americano and…um…a ham and cheese sandwich.

A pause.

Mr. Barista: Do you want the breakfast sandwich – or we have a Panini.

I hadn’t seen the Panini.

Me: Ooo.

Stomach growls.

Me: The Panini, thanks.

Mr. Barista walks to the back, fetches the Panini and pauses as he looks at me.

Mr. Barista: It’s got mustard, is that okay?

I give him a beat as I think.

Mr. Barista: I wasn’t sure if you liked mustard.

A decision was carefully calculated after thinking about future-me.

Me: You know, thanks for asking. Better make the breakfast sandwich.

Mr. Barista: Sure, no problem.

Me: I like mustard, just not with my coffee.

He laughs.

Mr. Barista: Yeah (laughs) it’s like would you like a hamburger with your coffee?

I laugh, he rings me up, my Americano is delicious and I was very satisfied with my sammich.

I don’t know why I found it so funny, but it was 🙂

What’s YOUR favorite Starbucks memory? Share in the comments below!




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