6 Tips to Make Summer Work for you! #mondayblogs

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Summer is a busy season. One we look forward to all year. And many times, it seems to be over before it starts. So how can we make Summer work for us, instead of letting it blow away before we can jump on board?

This year I’m going to take summer for me, and I invite you to do the same.

Here’s my summer tips for getting more “me time” during this busy season:

1. Finish that project

Be it a Work-In-Progress such as a story or maybe just finally finishing that home improvement or scrap-book that’s been put off since last summer, now is a great time to finish it. Try to finish at the start of the summer so you can play the rest!

2. Explore your area on the weekends

It doesn’t have to be a “road trip”. Just take a drive on the road less traveled. Get to know some new shops you’ve never been into. Try a different coffee shop or restaurant. Adventure is just a fancy word for bravely trying something new! Just be sure to leave breadcrumbs so you can find your way home again.

3. Take time to read

I’ve actually put that on my calender to read an hour every Saturday! I’m still not reading as often as I’d like. Try using Goodreads to track your progress, it is a great motivator!

4. Read More Non-Fiction 

I’m bad at this. All my reading tends to be fiction for that great escape. But expand the mind and feel like a smarty with some inspirational leadership-forward literature.

5. Make Something

There is something seriously powerful about creating something from nothing. Build a shelf for your tools, cook a few fancy meals just for you or knit a quilt. It’s me-time that shows results!

6. Relaxing isn’t always being lazy 

Another thing I have to work on is how to relax without feeling guilty about it. I’ll post tips on relaxing without guilt when I figure out myself 🙂 Just be sure not to call procrastination mediating.


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