The Very Best Summer #Coffee Treats For Your Home or the Cafe

lmc coffee summer

Think it’s too hot to enjoy a nice brewed cup of coffee? Think again.

We’ll explore five of my favorite ways to beat the heat and satisfy your coffee needs. Because great coffee is a human right. Don’t let summer take that away from you. And not to worry. These treats are affordable and easy to make at home, too!

1. Iced Coffee: I like to compare the Iced Coffee method to a martini.

It’s a classic and will never go out of style. You can get this at your local coffee house or favorite chain but it’s REALLY good to make it at home with fresh coffee. Check out this video by Intelligentsia. These Chicago brewers really know their stuff.

If you don’t have the fancy measuring equipment, don’t worry! As my Grandpa would say: “Put in whatever the hell you feel like”. It’s for you so make it how you like it!  Here’s another great guide from Counter Culture Coffee.

Claire’s Barista Tip: When making iced coffee at home, make it ahead the night before when you go to bed and tuck the carafe of fresh iced coffee in the fridge. It’ll steep all night and be extra refreshing.

Shown Above:  Starbucks Iced Caramel Macchiato HIGHLY recommended

Shown Above: Starbucks Iced Caramel Macchiato HIGHLY recommended

2. Iced Whatever:

Did you know your favorite coffee house drink can be ordered iced? Same thing if you are making it from home! Just add cold milk to make it suitable for the summer heat! You can go wild and add a combination of syrups or keep it simple. The choice is yours.

Clare’s Barista Tip: I would NOT recommend filling up with a lot of ice. One of my biggest pet peeves at Starbucks (not every store thankfully) is they fill up WAY too much with ice. Ice doesn’t add much flavor. It’s only to make the beverage cold. But milk is cold. Ice is only sparingly needed, if even at all. But if you like a lot of ice, fill it up baby! I’m not judging. I promise.

3. Iced Americano: 

If you like a lot of ice with BIG BOLD FLAVOR then this is the drink for you. What makes this drink special? At Starbucks, at least, it’s made with four shots of espresso for a Venti sized instead of their typical three. Their theory is because the ice waters it down the caffeine. So with this drink, you can “trick” your brain to thinking it is getting a bigger kick than it really is. Or is that just me? At the very least, it’s an awesome drink for those who like to go bold.

Claire’s Barista Tip: If ordering from a local coffee house (which I ADORE indie coffee houses) ask how many espresso shots are included in their Americano. If ordering iced, consider ordering an extra shot if you need the kick. Not every coffee house is the same, so don’t assume they all have the same “rules” for classic drinks.

4. Blended Coffee Fraps:

Okay, you may have noticed, I’m biased towards Starbucks. But I used to be a Barista there. It’s not my fault. But Frappuccinos are becoming big at Dunkin Donuts and McDonalds now too, just about every coffee house who has a blender can make this drink.

I like this when I’m in the mood for something sweet. My favorite? A Tall Caramel Frappuccino with a shot of espresso poured on top.

Claire’s Barista Tip: A Venti Starbucks caramel frappuccino has more calories than a McDonald’s “McDouble”. Use that information to how you see fit.


5. Affogato:

Affo what now? Affogato. My FAVORITE summer dessert, like, ever! It’s as easy as pouring a long shot of espresso (or two, if you’re like me) and pouring it over vanilla ice cream. Say it with me: mmmm. It’s a clean dessert that’s pleasing to the senses. Perfect for after dinner. Wow your guests or enjoy it alone, this is a go-to dessert that won’t disappoint. Unless, you know, you don’t like coffee.

Click the picture for a recipe if needed. But trust me, if you can make espresso and you got ice cream, you’re good to go.

Claire’s Barista Tip: For a “grown up” Affogato try this recipe here: I personally have not yet tried it but it looks worthy!


So those are my top picks for cooling off with coffee.

HOW DO YOU GUYS DO COFFEE FOR SUMMER? I want to hear all about it 🙂

Thanks for joining me today,


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