Does every animated classic need to be turned into a live action movie? #mondayblogs



Disney’s news last week that with the success of Maleficent, they are aiming to turn Beauty and the Beast into a live-action. I suppose I shouldn’t be so surprised.

It’s only a natural choice with how popular Belle’s character was in Once Upon a Time. I really hope they can snag the same actress, because it’ll be weird having a few voices for the same character. But somehow, I doubt that. What is a relief for me is the director. Bill Condon has successfully adopted stories to various mediums, like Chicago to the big screen. So, there could be hope.

And Disney has had awesome live-action movies in the past. Like Alice and Wonderland, Pirates of the Caribbean, and other favorites. So who knows, maybe this new trend, instead of viewing it as a sell-out, can be a good thing for Disney and it’s fans.

What do you think about this conversion? I myself am a little torn.

3 thoughts on “Does every animated classic need to be turned into a live action movie? #mondayblogs

  1. I think Disney finally got hip to the fact that adults like to indulge in fairy tale fantasy sometimes, but there’s only so many time you want to wake up in the middle of the night because you hear “Let It Go” on repeat in your head (for the record I do like the song, but with a 6 year old at home belting it out at every opportunity it begins to grate)! I liked Alice in Wonderland as a kid ( I can still recite whole passages) and enjoyed the live-action version as an adult, so I look forward to a more rich version of Beauty and the Beast. I hope that means Mulan and Brave aren’t far behind.

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    • That is a big point about adults loving Disney, too. I didn’t think of live action as more adult but you are absolutely right! Thanks so much for the comment, made my day 🙂

      What is your favorite live-action Disney movie?

      OMG a live action Mulan and Brave would be excellent! ARE YOU LISTENING DISNEY?!!!!

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      • It’s old, but I remember loving Bedknobs and Broomsticks as a kid and it’s still my favorite live-action Disney film. It even had cartoons interwoven with the “real” characters. Do you have a favorite?


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