How I survived a Lightning Strike #mondayblogs


Okay, so, there isn’t *really* a way to prepare a lightning strike. And technically, I didn’t exactly get hit. But last Sunday it struck the floor my feet were literally next to. If my power cord had been a centimeter closer to me, I would have suffered much more damage than only having the bejesus scared out of me.

My power strip cord housed my cell phone charger and computer charger. Luckily, my computer and computer charger was just fine. But my cell phone charger was blown to bits and melted even on the carpet. The lightning shot through my end table, where my cup of coffee was resting RIGHT next to me, and it charred some of my plotting notebooks for my stories.

I took it as a sign from the Universe, to quit procrastinating, that excuses are nothing but lies, and do what you were meant to do. And, as my notebooks DID survive the strike, it was a nice reassurance from Mother Nature, that maybe my stories aren’t so bad after all, and I must do everything I can to make them awesome.

So, while I can’t give you tips on how to survive a lightning strike, I can tell you this. Don’t wait for an Act of God (whichever one you believe in, or Thor) to get motivated.

And, while not an original theme, it was enough to get me going again.

Because I learned, first hand, we don’t have as much time as we think. Cliche, but true.

Cheers everyone!



Spot that the pavement from the floor got paved over by my dad.


I needed a Guinness to celebrate life after that scary event 🙂 And look, my purse got zapped! Luckily, my credit cards still work. We were worried it’d strip the magnet in the cards.


Another shot of the damage next to me.


This notebook is for Mimi Mockel, my main character. It got zapped on the side :\


This is my world-building notebook. That smudge is from the lightning.

7 thoughts on “How I survived a Lightning Strike #mondayblogs

    • Thanks for your kind reply and stopping by at LMC! I never had either, and it happened so fast I didn’t see it even though it happened right in front of my eyes. It was more like what my brain thought it would look like. It was crazy. But a humbling reminder to respect nature and get my act together 🙂


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