True story: Batman teaches me a life lesson. #mondayblogs

Had a weird dream last night that a group of my friends was helping Batman…because he was Batman.

I was getting annoyed because I felt I wasn’t being any help at all, so I went off on my own. Found Joker and Harley Quinn and Joker offered to publish my book. A friend came in time to warn me no to trust him but he said he could publish it immediately, like that very second. I agreed and he published it under a different author name, with a different title and a naughty picture on the front of a bloke with very impressive abs…and then laughed about it and started mocking me. He was very not nice. And I was horrified my young adult book was ruined.

Batman was very upset I chose to side with the Joker. He slowly shook his head in mega disappointment.

And then I cried a bit that I let down Batman.

And then I woke up thinking WTF was that.

I think Batman was trying to tell me to be patient and keep working on my book. We’re all always looking for that quick easy fix to get what we want. And the Joker was just a friendly reminder to me that there is no such thing as the easy path. And if it’s easy, it’ll either not be exactly what we want or lacking good quality.

Gosh my subconscious is so deep.

How about you guys? Any messed up dreams lately? Share in the comments 🙂

6 thoughts on “True story: Batman teaches me a life lesson. #mondayblogs

  1. Very colorful dream. I find that when I’m really obsessing about my book, I have dreams like that…but never with superheroes and their nemeses. Mostly they’re wish fulfillment, like me at a book signing. Or I dream with my characters telling me what they want to do next. Still random…

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